Smoking and Vaping Cessation Workshop - Level 1



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The number of youth smoking and vaping cases has been on the rise over the years, causing concerns about potential health issues for these young people. With the increasing influence of social media and legalization in neighbouring countries, our youths' perception and receptivity to vaping may be influenced. This permissiveness towards vaping is not only due to its "coolness" and trendiness but also the lack of knowledge and awareness of its harmful effects. Many youths still believe that vaping is a less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes or using tobacco products.



The objective of this one-day workshop is to provide educators and helping professionals:

  • Latest updates, trends, and knowledge on vaping so that they are well-informed and can debunk any myths they may hear from their students or youths.

  • Practical skills to support their students and youths in reducing and eventually quitting their vaping habits.



The topics that will be covered in this one-day workshop include:

  • Latest Singapore statistics and legislation on youth smoking and vaping

  • Effects of nicotine on youth brain development

  • Nicotine addiction and withdrawal symptoms

  • Basic counselling skill to support students and youths


Who Should Attend

Educators, social workers, counsellor and volunteers who work and support youths.


Trainer Profile

Courage Lim has extensive experience in assisting youths with smoking cessation. He has conducted smoking and vaping cessation workshops for National Service (NS) personnel, secondary and tertiary school students, as well as Student Wellness Officers (SWOs) at schools.


Upcoming Workshop - Smoking and Vaping Cessation Workshop - Level 2

In level 2, we will explore how educators and helping professionals can work with parents to support their children's smoking and vaping cessation. Join us in the Level 2 workshop after completing Level 1.



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.